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How do you make a bucketlist?
First of all, you should registrate; once registrated you get a personal page where you can create and store one or more personal bucketlists.
To registrate click the menue-item [Logon/Registrate].
Once registrated you can logon (again menu-item [Logon/Registrate]) every time you want to work on your bucketlist.

How to make your bucketlist ofter logon?
First of all you look for the sights on the homepage that you are interested in. If you click on its [ToPersonalPage]-button they will be made available on your personal page.
If you do not find suitable sights on the homepage, you go straight to your personal page (menu-item [PersonalPage]) and enter information (picture and data) of your private sight yourself.

At the bottom of your personal page you can create a bucket and enter the sights for that bucket. You can create more than one bucket.

Sights of the World


This last section of the homepage shows an assortment of pictures of sights from all over the world. You can use them in your personal page in order to build one or more bucketlists with sights. For copying you click the button [Copy to personal page] underneath each picture. (Remember, you can add your own pictures in your personal page as well.)

In order to help you to find your way in this big amount of pictures we offer several tools.
 Clicking on the tab [Buckets] or tab [Countries] will show you all images sorted by key resp. by country. Images with more than one key will be shown more than once.
 Clicking on the setting-icon will open a panel with more selection options. You can select one or more countries and you can select one or more keys. Notice that initially only key [events] is selected.
 Apart from key- and country- selection you can also select on a certain string occurring in the description or in the cityname .

 If you are happy with your selection, you can store this selection in the clipboard and mail it to your friends.

A little bit of legalise: Nearly all pictures on this page are copied from Shutterstock and paid for. If you notice that we inadvertantly included a picture that is not free of rights, please let us know so we can remove it. He can enter this in his browser and see the selection that you made.

Keys Countries
Url with current filters stored in clipboard.
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North America


Latin America


Nice to see you want to start your own bucketlist.
Go ahead, you can make your own bucketlist and fill it with as many tourist-items as you want. You can transfer items from the homepage to your personal bucketlist as well as new items that you enter yourself.

To see your own personal page you only need to logon (because the page is yours only) after you registered once initially.

As long as you are not logged on, the homepage item(s) that you clicked can not be transferred to your personal page, so do not forget to log in before you leave the homepage.

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